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The SmartLaser eye surgery process

Quality + expertise = successful laser eye surgery

Cutting-edge eye laser technology and our experienced SmartLaser team form the foundations of our successful laser eye surgeries. We carry out your treatment for an incredibly low price in accordance with the highest medical standards right in the heart of Vienna!

Our experienced doctors offer you a one-to-one consultation, answer all of your questions and choose the treatment process that is most suitable for your eyes. Our clinic has produced excellent results for thousands of satisfied patients.

We provide the highest levels of satisfaction and permanently improve your quality of life!

About our laser technology

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Our preferred laser eye surgery method

Visual defects, just like eyes themselves, are all highly unique. That’s why it’s essential to choose the most suitable treatment method. One of our treatment methods is the Trans-PRK SmartSurfACE.

If this method is not suitable for you, you have the opportunity to have a different treatment at our home clinic, EyeLaser Vienna.

About our laser eye surgery methods

5 steps to permanently corrected vision:
the SmartLaser treatment process step by step

1. Thorough initial consultation

Duration: around 60-90 minutes
Price: 150 euros (no charge if you are deemed ineligible for the operation)

During our detailed initial consultation, one of our SmartLaser doctors will take the time to advise you and to answer your questions. It is important to us that you feel well looked-after from the very beginning. Establishing a trusting relationship alleviates any fears you may have prior to the procedure.

The first step of the process is to examine and measure your eyes. The detailed image of your cornea is used in order to determine whether laser eye surgery is a possibility for you. If it is not possible for you to have laser eye surgery then you won’t have to pay a penny!

Next, your SmartLaser eye care professional will determine which treatment method is the most suitable for your particular visual defect and they will explain the advantages, the process and the risks of your particular procedure.

Finally, the findings will be collated and we will discuss how best to proceed. At the end of your initial consultation, you will be able to book the official appointment for your laser eye surgery procedure at SmartLaser.

Now that all of the preparations for your procedure have been taken care of, it’s time to banish your fears and worries and look forward to a life free from glasses and contact lenses!

2. The big day: preparing for your laser eye surgery

Duration: around 30 minutes per eye incl. pre- and post-op care
Price: 777 euros per eye

On the day of your operation, everything will go even more quickly than you expected thanks to our thorough preparation. As soon as you step through the door of our clinic in Vienna, we will begin to prepare you for your pain-free laser eye treatment.

If any questions have arisen since your initial consultation, the doctor in charge of your treatment will be happy to answer them for you. We completely understand that you may be feeling anxious so creating a calming environment is of paramount importance to us.

  1. First, your eye area (or your face) will be cleaned and disinfected. Hygiene is an essential part of every operation.
  2. Then, your eyelids will be held open; this prevents your eyes from reflexively closing as soon as the procedure begins.
  3. Finally, your eyes will be numbed so that you do not feel any pain whatsoever. Numbing your eyes also prevents them from moving during the procedure.

Then it’s time for the actual operation to begin.

3. The big day: your laser eye surgery procedure

Duration: less than 1 minute

Our SmartLaser doctors have already performed thousands of successful laser eye treatments. Our highly concentrated, state-of-the-art laser is used routinely and the operation will be over in less than one minute.

Once the procedure has been performed successfully, your experienced doctor will insert what is known as a bandage contact lens. This protects the newly operated cornea and retina from external influences, which optimises and speeds up the healing process.

Once that’s done, you’re free to go home. If necessary, you may be given medication and eye drops which you can easily administer yourself. Remember that you should not drive yourself straight after the operation.

And… breathe! You’ve done it! Treat your eyes to a well-deserved rest.

4. Aftercare and post-operative review

Duration: 15 minutes
Price: 77 euros (one-off payment for your aftercare and final review)

Shortly after your laser eye treatment, we will invite you to return to our SmartLaser clinic. How soon you have your aftercare appointment depends on which procedure you have had.

  • LASIK: 1 day after the operation
  • Trans-PRK: 3-4 days after the operation

During this short appointment, the bandage contact lens will be removed and your doctor will assess the progress of the healing process. If you have any questions about the next steps of the process, we will answer them for you. Where necessary, you will be informed about further steps to take to promote the healing process.

Your brand new life free from glasses and contact lenses can now begin!

5. Final review

Duration: 30-45 mins
Price: free

The final review is your last appointment. When this appointment takes place also depends on the type of laser eye surgery performed:

  • LASIK: 1 month after the operation
  • Trans-PRK: 3-4 months after the operation

By this point, your eyes will have fully regenerated and your SmartLaser eye care professional will assess the final result. During this appointment, your cornea will be re-examined and we will discuss the end result together.

You will tell the doctor about the changes you have experienced over the last few weeks and you will have the opportunity to ask more questions. This appointment is usually the final step of your treatment.

You can now enjoy 100% perfect vision and say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses for good!

Please note that even though your laser eye treatment is now finished, you are more than welcome to contact us at any time if you have any problems, worries or questions.

SmartLaser is your lifelong partner for all things eyecare.

Ready for your new life and completely clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses?

Then book your initial consultation today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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